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piątek, 30 listopada 2007
Chwała Komunizmu! Pomniki 2007
Kaczynski Walesa
Kaczynski Walesa
jaruzelski walesa rakowski gieremek
jaruzelski wales...
Więcej i lepiej nie mogłem zrobić .Przekazałem pełne zwycięstwo mówiąc bierzcie w swoje ręce To że efekty tak wielkiego i mądrego zwycięstwa są takie jakie są ,to wynik waszego angażowania się , waszych wyborów waszego pilnowania .Co potrzebujecie pały sowiecko, ZOMO-wskiej .Nie mieści się w głowie taka głupota nie wszystkich , ale wielu z Was
Dabrowa Gornicza 2007
Dabrowa Gornicza...

czwartek, 26 kwietnia 2007
For many Poles it was not surprise that most of them had Jewish background

..Ironically, it looks like  under Bush administration  USA made the same sort
of  mistakes
some time ago weakened Soviet Union.  For example:
-  underestimation of power of Islam,
-  supporting rise of China as the next superpower,
-  relying on ideology  (neo-conservatism  created by Jews-Zionists, former 
communism dissidents
-Trotskists  like Perle, Wolfowitz, Frum, Kristol,
Kagan, Podhoretz, Feith, Krauthammer, etc
. who  played main role in creation
of War on Terror concept),
- spread of “democracy” all over the world by USA reminds of expanding
communism by Soviets who did not take into consideration local social and
political conditions.
- making decisions  based on false or doctored intelligent data (like in
case of WMD),etc.

Although, Mitrokhin documents regard political events that took place before
1984, they are very useful to understand what is going on now in the world.
Paradoxically  in South America power is now captured in democratic way by
former KGB school students. China, governed by communists, starts to
dominate global economy.  India infiltrated in the past by KGB is becoming
the modern technology country with its huge, young and more and more 
educated population. Russia under government of former KGB officer Putin 
now revives and creates new alliances  with changing its colors into red
South America, as well as, with Islam world, India and China.

As a former Solidarity local activist who emigrated to USA from Poland, I
was especially interested in documents concerning my native country.  Some
of them help us to understand process of peaceful system transformation that
took place in Poland after 1989.  As a result of so called “Round Table
” in Magdalenka
(city near Warsaw) communists agreed to share political
power with carefully  chosen and prepared by secret services former leaders
of Solidarity movement
.  For many Poles it was not surprise that most of
them had Jewish background. Mitrokhin documents disclosed that in 1981-84
period KGB was especially interested in approaching them in the same time
when most Polish-native, patriotic Solidarity activists  were forced by
communist government to leave Poland. Such communism dissidents like
Michnik, Kuron, Lipinski, etc. were born in families of Jewish communists
who after the WWII helped  Stalin to  make Poland subservient to Soviet

As most of Polish intellectual and political elites were murdered by
both regimes communism and Nazism, some immigrated to Western countries and
those who survived did not accept communism, Jewish educated communists took
most top positions in politics, finance, intelligence and national security
agencies, as well as in  culture and media.  As Poland was predominantly
catholic country, KGB gave also some concessions to catholic publishers and
organizations  managed by Jews left-wing catholic converts like Mazowiecki,
Turowicz, etc. to control catholic intellectual life in Poland.  They also
took part in Magdalenka talks together with their liberal atheist brethrens.
For example, Tadeusz Mazowiecki became even the first non-communist prime
minister of Poland.
agreement  made possible peaceful conversion of  former communist activists
into capitalists who now tried to play liberal democrats.  Unfortunately for
Poland this process took wrong course  as it was controlled by former
communist secret services. So called privatization of Polish assets led to
huge  bribery, frauds, as well as,  selling banks and companies for small
percentage of their real  value to foreign institutions.  Honest officials
and politicians who wanted to disclose those facts were assassinated like
Police Commissioner Papala or overthrown like prime minister Olszewski. 
According to Mitrokhin’s archives in February 12th 1972 KGB agents broke
into Paris
headquarter of Jewish World Congress. Among many documents they captured 
you can find those concerning financing anti-Polish activity like publishing
books and articles
slandering Poland. Let me remind of two authors like Janusz Kosinski and Jan

stan sas

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> Vasily Mitrokhin was a KGB archivist who had   a specific and  deadly
> dangerous hobby.
> He made copies of most secret documents in the world, brought them home ,
> put into jars and buried them in his garden.   In 1992 year as a retired guy
> he came to USA embassy in Moscow with his proposal to transfer those
> documents into American hands. Unfortunately, Americans rejected his offer. 
> Thanks the God, he was more fortunate in British embassy.  James Bond’s
> colleagues accepted the bid and moved him and his  family from Moscow to
> Great Britain.  Some of Mitrokhin’s documents concerned  operational
> activity of KGB in so called Third World countries.  Christopher Andrew
> spent much time digging through those archives and in his book “Archives” he
> disclosed many mysteries of the contemporary history of countries  in
> Africa, South America, Asia and Middle East. After WWII Soviet Union
> invested huge money, as well as, sent unimaginable quantities of all kinds
> of armaments to install communism-like regimes in the Third World countries.
>   KGB trained and supported communist terrorists all over the world.  Soviet
> secret agency used shamelessly stupidity and naivety of American
> establishment.
> In some places they obtained unquestionable successes like infiltration and
> manipulation of governments in democratic India. However, they made also
> unintelligible mistakes. Some of them appeared as a result of arrogance and
> high self-esteem of KGB top dignitaries who did not accept criticism. As KGB
> headquarters believed in their own infallibility, regular agents did not
> dare to report lack of success and created more and more virtual reality
> based on optimistic and often false information .One of the biggest 
> mistakes of Soviet authorities was underestimation of power of Islam. Also,
> little by little, revolutionary tyrants in underdeveloped countries became
> more  and more ineffective and indolent.  African dictators played their
> addiction to communism and Marxism  only to coax more money and armaments
> out of Soviet Union. Supporting of communism in China resulted in
> devastating effect as this country endangered Soviet domination in the
> world.

sobota, 11 lutego 2006
The Rise of Judeo-American “Poland” by: Dr. Marek Glogoczowski
           The stuff below is unfortunately (for all thinking people on our Planet) very true. Thanks to efforts of “liberal”, extinct since 16 years, Polish Comparty named PZPR; also thanks to the elected, with the help of CIA and German cardinals, Polish Pope (by the way, a close friend of my family); and above all thanks to the Polish “Solidarity” Trade Union (also, in 1980-ies, sponsored by CIA, via “Force Ouvriere” and other “rightist” Trade Unions), we arrived in Poland at the full Judaisation of the country, as observes it Tadeusz Taube from San Francisco.

This “Judaisation” we may trace up to the present “bi-party” system here, which recalls me the “bi-partizan” system in Israel two thousand years ago. Polish “liberals” (modelling their behavior at American “Democrats”), represent the old Israeli faction of Pharisees, while the Law & Religion Loving Polish “conservatives” (ruling here at present, and imitating American “Republicans”), correspond in their spirit to the faction of Saducees in Israel two thousand years ago.

    And of course the Ukraine, as well other Mitteleuropa countries are supposed to follow the same path of the Bible-imposed development. (By the way, already 200 years ago Polish poet and patriot Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, in a satire titled "Year 3333", predicted that Jews in Poland will not assimilate with Poles, but to the contrary, Poles will assimilate with Jewry, to form Judeopolonia extending from Baltic Sea to Black Sea!)


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 Who's one of Israel's best friends?  The answer is surprising - Poland
 By: Tad Taube SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 (JTA)

Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2006 11:10 PM
Subject: [sowa] Fw: The Rise of Judeo-American "Poland"

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By Tad Taube: Who’s one of Israel’s best friends? The answer is surprising — Poland
Who’s one of Israel’s best friends?
The answer is surprising — Poland

By Tad Taube
February 6, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 (JTA) — The newly elected president of a European country, in his first interview for that country’s largest newspaper, compared himself to Ariel Sharon to explain the policies he intends to pursue.

His country has troops on the ground in Iraq, close military ties with Israel and a voting pattern on Middle Eastern issues in the United Nations that rests halfway between those of the European Union and the United States.

Over the last 15 years, each of its presidents paid state visits to Israel, reciprocated by his Israeli counterparts, as have several of its prime ministers and foreign ministers. Israel events at this country’s major universities draw large and positive audiences, while the rare anti-Israeli demonstrations are so small they do not even make it to the local media. And in that European country, the United States retains its position of “most-liked” in all public opinion polls. That country is Britain, right? But when was the last time that a British college had an Israel day? And come to think of it, don’t they have a queen, not a president?

That country is Poland. Ever since the fall of communism, the country so many Jews love to hate has consistently pursued a pro-American and pro-Israel policy.

In fact, this — and economic liberalism — has been the only consistent feature of Polish politics, with its dizzying swings of public mood. In the latest about-turn this fall, the Poles voted into office a conservative, nationalist and strongly pro-Catholic party, with ties to the right. And yet it was that party’s victorious presidential candidate, Lech Kaczynski, who compared himself to Ariel Sharon — probably the only European leader ever to do so.

The declarations made by Kaczynski — who makes his first official state visit to Washington this week — did not come out of the blue. Previously, as mayor of Warsaw, he was instrumental in the city’s decision to allot substantial municipal funds to the building of a Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, intended to become one of the continent’s largest Jewish museums. He also brought about close cooperation between the Polish capital and Tel Aviv.

As minister of justice in a previous conservative government, he decisively pushed for the full disclosure of the World War II-era massacre at Jedwabne, where a community of Polish Christians murdered their Jewish neighbors. And at a recent meeting with Jewish leaders, top advisers to the prime minister stated that the government’s policy on Jewish and Israeli issues will remain positive. “We do not intend to give in to European political correctness on Israel,” one of them said. Nor is there any talk of loosening ties with the United States — even if Poland has been called “America’s Trojan horse inside of the European Union.”

Therefore it seems that the Kaczynski administration will follow in the footsteps of previous post-Communism Polish governments. The first foreign policy decision of the new democratic Polish Parliament in 1989 was to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel, broken off by Eastern Bloc countries (excepted Romania) in 1967 on Moscow’s orders.

Though the Czechs, not the Poles, became the first ex-Communist nation to send an ambassador to Tel Aviv, this was due to the fallout from a statement by then prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Shamir, who had said that “Poles suckle anti-Semitism with their mothers’ milk” — hardly an encouraging gesture. Still, Warsaw was second, after Prague — and in the meantime, became a main transit point for Soviet Jews leaving Russia for Israel. The Hungarians backed off after a terrorist attack. The Poles did not, though terrorist threats were — and remain — aplenty.

In 1991, the mustachioed Solidarity hero-turned-president — Lech Walesa — made a state visit to Israel, the first ever by a Polish leader, or by the head of a former Soviet Bloc state. Addressing the Knesset, he asked forgiveness for evils committed by Poles against Jews in the past, and assured Israelis that modern Poland is a friend they can trust. Thereafter, commercial and cultural relations boomed (Israeli investments in Poland today amount to some $2 billion), youth exchange followed, and military ties came soon after.

Today the Polish army is buying Israeli Spike missiles, while security services maintain a close cooperation. And though expectations by some Israeli politicians that Poland, after joining the European Union in 2004, would become “Israel’s ambassador” to the continental bloc may have been overly optimistic, statements by the Polish ambassador to Israel condemning Palestinian terror have provoked howls of outrage from some of his European colleagues — and denunciations sent directly to Brussels.

Though sincere intent to compensate for evils of the past is a significant motivation for this consistently pro-Israeli policy, it probably would not have happened without the country’s intense pro-Americanism.

Jews had reason aplenty to think bitterly of the Poland that was, and therefore mistrust the Poland that is. There is indisputably still social anti-Semitism in the country, even if local Jews say they feel safer wearing a yarmulke on the streets of Warsaw than on the streets of Paris. But mistrust is one thing, willful blindness another.

No country on the European continent today is both as strongly pro-American and pro-Israeli as is Poland. Sure, the Poles do it partly because they believe it is in their national interest. But one would be hard pressed to find a sounder basis for a friendly partnership.

Tad Taube, a San Francisco businessman born in Poland, is president of the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture and of the Koret Foundation.

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